Healthy Snacking / Good or Bad for the new system design?

“Consumer Attitudes Show Positive Change About Healthy Snacking


I was always told by my personal trainer that it is good to have several snacks a day instead of filling myself with different foods during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eating 6 times a day in small portions actually stabilises your digestion and helps to prevent overeating during three main meals. Also, being a busy person, I don’t have time to cook for myself or sometimes even buy a meal. Snacking saved me a lot of time and health, it brings a balance to my diet when I’m under pressure or have a lot of work.

During my placement, I looked what other people were eating. As we had only one hour of break each day and not man shops around to buy a full meal (Tesco doesn’t count), most of my co-workers were constantly snacking on something. Two girls were ordering Graze every two weeks to avoid spending extra time on shopping. Others were bringing vegetable and fruit snacks (also salads) from home and were eating them during 5-minute break each hour. Snacking definitely kept the energy flowing during the day.

I would definitely include this tip for women on periods or just as a healthy lifestyle tip. It also breaks our routine at some point which could lead us to new thinking thus new ideas and hopefully positive mood everyday.


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