UI/UX Design / Vocabulary

As my project turned out to be a UI/UX design, I have to figure out what visual and verbal languages to use for the system.

After reading many books and guides about the overall health, well-being, I figured out what was missing in most of them. We want to introduce healthy lifestyle and menstrual cycle awareness to women but not limit their lives with forcing dieting and exercising for a certain period of time. We have to use words that would suggest, not limit everything.. introduce and embrace, not force to do something.. avoid, not eliminate or exclude. Use words, that would have associations with common sense and the menstrual cycle and its importance in womens lives.

It should not be viewed as a celebration but as an appreciation and understanding of one’s bodies. Another idea is to let women know that menstrual cycle is not associated with medicine and diseases. Most of the scientific and medical terminology should be avoided for easier understanding. Women should trust the information described and scientific language would only confuse them. Moreover, third language should be used less as we want this

Words I’ve picked for some rules and suggestions:

suggest, avoid, embrace, welcome, care, acknowledge, appreciate, enjoy, value, digest, think, apprehend, harm…


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