Interesting Articles / Cravings, Hyper-Awareness and Premature Ageing

“Guilt over pre-menstrual carb and chocolate cravings can trigger eating disorders in some women, doctors warn”


“The new study found cravings for food also correlate with women becoming more preoccupied with their bodies and more aware of their weight and shape.”

It’s interesting that in 21st century we know about our bodies a lot. Even stuff that we do not need, we know thanks to the open online resources. But sometimes this awareness might be a bad influence for some. For example, the trend of the last year was all around the well-being, fitness, being fit and healthy. All the wearable devices, fit apps and other products made a lot of fuss during the year but I’ve never seen these products related to something that would sound or look happy or exciting for a person (really don’t want to put “user” word, it became too techy).

As mentioned in this article: “This hyper-awareness, combined with craving more food, can cause some women to develop symptoms of an eating disorder”. When craving supposed to be something as a natural process of women’s menstrual cycle or pre-pregnancy period, now it is connected to the “fit” concepts.

Good point was raised in this article that I almost forgot about. Sugars and fats. The most beloved craving food is usually chocolate, biscuits, sweets etc. Women have craving as sometimes the levels of sugars and other vitamins gets low during the pre-menstrual period. It is totally fine to have these cravings and eat a bit more that usually but women have to keep in mind that there are different kind of sugars. Some can stabilise your sugar levels but some can not only add more waistline after the menstruation but also cause premature ageing. We have to teach women why craving happens and how to work with it without harming their bodies.

Also read the comments section. I was happy to see that some women realise that their weight goes back to normal after the menstruation. However, some agree that they eat a lot of unhealthy snacks as they do not know or think that healthy food might be less effective than sweets.

“The research, published in the journal Appetite in 2009 found women who no longer had periods still craved chocolate, suggesting it is unlikely to be completely related to changes in hormones.

They concluded chocolate cravings at certain times of the month were probably because women associate chocolate with making them feel better, so they use it to cope with stress or negative emotions.”

It will be a challenge for me. I have to find a new way of introducing alternative foods for period cravings. Chocolate will always be that is associated with happiness and stress-relief but it is not more effective than other natural foods containing natural sugars for stress-relief etc. Making a list of foods that are affordable for most women and are as tasty as chocolate or sweets will be the next step.


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