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Concept Ideas

In last post I went full on interactiveness but probably have to clarify it a bit more now.

The main idea I grasped from Interactive elements is the exchange of information, communication between input and output sources. What happens with most information sources that they don’t have input or output side as there is no information processing or feedback happening at that time. For example, girls have ability to write in forums and chats asking about their menstrual cycles but receive no response or solution for their issue, all they can get is an opinion and story based on the same situation. Or if looking into existing information and tips about menstrual cycle, they do provide you tips but you can not be sure if they are going to be useful for you as they are just general tips for internet users.

So how this input and output methods could be combined? And what exactly is going to form these input and output? I made a small diagram of it:

Input Output

This future design should provide not only explanation of symptoms but make sure they are relevant to the user. The best solution is to include question and answers principle. You would enter your current status and the system would analyse it and give you the best possible solution based on your input. I’ll give an example of 2D solution below:

ARCS model - concept