Findings – Week 8

Found a very interesting article ( talking about the appreciation of our monthly cycle and why we should be educated about it. As it was mentioned, women almost forgot that menstrual cycles are associated with pregnancy and reproduction (which is the main purpose of all this process). They see it as an event that just has to happen every month and interrupt in our lives. It is NOT VALUABLE as it was before: different campaignS show it as a joke or a fun thing to discuss but never added a true value to it. Here what was written:

“They were excused from their daily tasks so that they could the work that could only happen during this time of bleeding. In contrast – in today’s culture – it is frowned on to take “Time off” to take care of ourselves during this time.There is no honoring of this time – instead it is seen as an inconvenience.”

A lot of videos and online sources recommend switching to alternative treatments for womens symptoms occuring during the cycle but never explain why they should do it (and why make such a huge effort and spend a lot of time instead of getting a relief with ibuprofen/paracetamol/heat pad). There is that awareness bit missing and I should find a way to combine it.

Found a very inspirational post about menstruation. It’s not really about the facts she describes there but the way she describes the menstruation itself. She writes that “female body is a gift”, “body is a magic of creation”. When reading this, I felt much better about myself, make me feel as I am a part of a special world ritual, that something in me is so individual and spiritual that can be only felt during the menstruation.

Here it is:

Another interesting project to review was made by Daizi Zheng. ( )

Designer played around the packaging to make people feel more connected to healthy foods that are usually avoided in daily nutrition. This unique packaging design might change the availability of healthy food on the market and make people reconsider their choice of foods.

This is a very interesting concept and could be closely linked to my project. I can imagine that designing something completely innovative will only confuse people, they need to have a connection/ link to a product description or purpose. This packaging has a similar language to existing junk food packaging and draws great attention to it. But the product inside makes people rethink what they are eating.

A product concept found on Yanko Design website. Not quite a direction I am going but I had this concept in my head before. Heat and light therapy can provide a relaxation for women suffering from PMS or menstrual symptoms however I can not see how the concept exactly works here.

A necklace that allows you to track your cycle even when you are outside and around other people. Very neat and fashionable approach but it doesn’t provide any educational information.

Question: how much information I want to provide in my product? Maybe I don’t need to provide it at all?

Try raising interest of women to look up for other information?

I received a lot of feedback on my questionnaire, a lot of girls said that it was an interesting one, it made sense for them. Just the fact that I have provided questions, it made them to think about it and provide feedback. Could it be a possible approach to women?


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