Survey Design and Conclusion

Two design surveys for women and men were designed to identify different issues related to the female menstrual cycle


The purpose of this questionnaire is to get a rough idea of women’s perception of their menstrual cycles in different stages. Some of these questions will question
Most of the respondents are from 21 to 25 years old. Second most popular group is from 26 to 30 years old. We can assume

Most of respondents do not have a period&ovulation calendar but are willing of creating one. We can assume from this that women want to be conscious of their menstrual cycle and able to predict their behavior and symptoms for upcoming cycles. They accept the importance of it but are not not sure how they can use this information for themselves. The menstrual cycle tracker doesn’t analyse your information and doesn’t give you information based on results. Without a help of professional, women do not understand the importance of collected data. No educational materials are provided for them for free.
The intend of this question was to identify the impact of menstruation on womens’ lives.  We also wanted to see the amount of negative and positive answers appearing throughout the question.
Only 11% admitted that they somehow enjoy their periods, while strong majority admit it as something they just have to deal with (85% agrees). Majority of women feel that men have an advantage of not experiencing menstruation. However, women are not ashamed of their menstruation – they admitted that they  have no need to hide their purchases or the fact that they’ve got period. Only 13% said that they are embarrassed to purchase pads or tampons, which shows that it is a major inconvenience for most women. Same as talking about their periods is not a massive issue, only-third (30%) said they prefer not to talk openly about their periods. Rather, women are mostly concerned by the impact it has on their lives.
This question was built to check how well women are educated on menstrual cycle based topics.
Most of women have answered correctly on most of the questions. However, there was a small percent of women who assumed that pain during menstruation is not natural and stress and nutrition has nothing to do with PMS symptoms and length of menstruation. Interestingly, in the last part women were uncertain about whether hormones cause menstrual cramps. Women have a fair understanding of psychological facts of the cycle but not sure how body works during luteal or follicular phases.
(Question here: WHY women need to know it?)
Her we will clarify how women perceive their periods – whether it’s more positive or negative.
Responses showed that the majority (67%) would prefer having periods frequently but almost third preferred not to have periods at all. Most of women somewhat understand the nature of menstrual cycle and prefer having periods even if they were once a month. The fact that almost a third wanted to get rid of their periods shows negative attitude to their bodies and … during the cycle.
Here we tried to look at different habits women have during menstrual cycle. It includes looking at their food, medicine and activities preference.
Most of women are not even considering of consuming less sweets or salty snacks before period starts. (They admitted of having food cravings as a natural process but do they know it is not good for their bodies and period?) 70 percent of respondents stated that they eat snacks as a distraction from their bad moods. Respondents also admitted that exercising before their periods is not included in their routine where almost half doesn’t even consider any activities as a must. (consider that there may be sports women too)
Women prefer to get instant relief from their symptoms by taking some kind of medicine. Only 12% admitted they never use drugs for period pains.
Q7 Q8
This part shows the most experiences symptoms before menstrution (luteal phase)
Moodiness, irritability, stress and cravings ere the most popular choice amongst other physical and mental symptoms appearing before menstruation. These symptoms mainly are connected to mental state of a woman. Cravings can be considered a consequence of having constant stress. Even when comparing severity of symptoms, mental have a greater advantage over physical ones. During period, physical symptoms such as abdominal cramps, fatigue, food craving had priority over mood related problems.
Here we are reviewing the affection of menstrual cycle in relationships and getting more personal insight into different issues. Women had an option to skip this question if they do not have an experience in having a relationship. More than a third skipped this question (65 vs. 35)
Women agree that men have to know their behavior patterns during menstrual cycle and less about their menstruation flow.
Women are also unsure what their SO’s think of their menstrual cycles – whether it is positive or negative point of view. This could point out the unwillingness and uncertainty if women should trust sharing info about their menstrual cycles.
Women don’t feel a special need of sharing their menstrual cycles with men but do feel a need of their presence to control menstrual mood swings.
They also admit that keeping distance in this period is not the best decision. Men would act as a distraction from their symptoms. Women are seeking for a trusting person who could share feelings with them and keep their minds occupied with other things
Women are concerned about their health but have no trustful source of information available when they are not attending GP. Women are interested in learning more about the origin of their abnormal behaviour and other symptoms, they want to know how their bodies work during the period.
Some women admitted that even if they don’t need that information now, they will definitely find it useful in future.

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