Discussions – Week 4

1. Menstrual Untouchability Allows Women to Rest

The idea of monthly “rest” has gained much currency in the defense of menstrual untouchability.  To defend this practice on the grounds that it gives a woman rest presumes that women’s labour is available by default and that she cannot decide on her own when to rest.  Must a woman accept that her body is polluting in order to take rest?  Women deserve rest and dignity.

Seven Fallacies about Menstruation and Culture, 3 April 2014, Ask Amma [article] Available at <https://askamma.wordpress.com/2014/04/03/seven-fallacies-about-menstruation-and-culture/> (accessed 12 October 2014)

Further thoughts and discussions:

Untaboo the taboo

Why women have to apoligise? Why women have to be excused? Why women have to be ashamed?

Pms introduced as an aggression in commercials. Men are considered here as senseless and careless to women during heir premenstruation period. Midol is a great example:

Ref.: Funniest PMS Commercials: Guys, get Midol or this might happen, 2014, Josh Belbeck

 Available at <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2zf1-ZlD8Y&gt; (accessed 12 October 2014)

Got milk commercial suggests that calcium reducec the symptoms of pms. Again, fear and anxiety shown by men during the commercial

Ref.: Everything I do Is Wrong, 2011, Got Milk? [image] Available at: <http://salmonlikethefish.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/got-milk-everything-i-do-is-wrong.png> (accessed 20 October 2014)

Fear is a result of knowledge absence about womens periods or pms

Women that were not introduced or heard of pms, mostly have not had these symptoms

Relaxation method for women

Distraction method

Like a hobby? Game? Gamification? During work?

Cooking? Fun with cooking? Meh

Food, clothing for not so slim times

Actions matter more than words

Scenarios: independent woman, woman with boyfriend, woman with kids

It’s that time!

Soo pms is a myth.. stop thinking about it!

We expect to be irritated once a month and because of that we will!

Getting your period and having crazy times with pms are not connected

Pms can be described as a social issue with deep history behind it

Portable and fashionable aroma infuser

“I will protect you, I will care about you in your hardest times” product


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