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Major Project Theme Investigation – Week 2

The initial title for my project was submitted as: Reducing stress during PMS/ menstrual cycle (in a working environment). Things I wanted to look at is how women feel themselves in various environments when they have their pms or menstruation, what is the actual percentage of women who suffer from PMS or menstruation related symptoms and how they affect their lives. Another topic to review is what men think about menstrual cycle and what is their relationship with the topic: how they react when woman next to them has menstruation or behaves abnormally (pms symptoms)?

Ref.: Pms for men, n.d., anonymous [image] Available at <> (accessed 9 November 2014)


Inspiration for Major Project


First, I tried to look into issues that are emerging or close to myself. Also, took a look at interesting product and why they were made in first place.